If you have accepted Jesus Christ as your savior (become a Christian) God has brought you into his family, the church. He has called each Christian to be unified with his church and in particular with the local church. God’s purpose in this is his glory and his mission of growing us as individuals and to taking the Gospel to those that do not believe. Our growth as individuals is designed by God to happen in the context of the local church and in relationship with other believers. As we get connected to the local church God uses it to grow and mature us as individuals to become more like Christ. (Ephesians 4:16)

But how do we get connected to the church? It starts with your faith in Christ and then continues as we engage the local church. At Blue Ridge we have chosen four basic steps for getting connected to our local church. They do not need to be done in any particular order and are not meant to be exhaustive of all the ways of getting connected. But if you are looking to get connected and start growing together, start here!


Become a member. Take one of our quarterly membership classes, and join the church.

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Life Groups

Join a LIFE Group. Our small group ministry is one of the main ways to be encouraged, equipped, and grow in Christ.

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Start Serving

Start serving. As you get equipped, you’ll discover your gifts. Find where God is calling you to serve and go to it!

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