It has been said that a church’s sending capacity is a better measurement tool for maturity than its seating capacity. We agree with that statement, and it is our goal to send people into the world – both the world in which they live and the world at large. We seek to impact our surrounding communities with outreach and evangelism, desiring to build relationships with pre-Christians so that we can assist them as they come to know Christ.

Global Missions

Globally, we pour resources, time, energy, personnel, and money into world evangelism. We have sent several families from our church into full-time mission work, and our stated goal is for 10% of our adult attendance each year to go on a foreign mission trip. We currently have several missionaries that we support through prayer and finances around the world. We encourage you to follow how God is using them in their work.

Local Missions

We aspire to be a church that actively evangelizes the lost in obedience to Christ’s command, and in gratitude for God’s gracious love and forgiveness of sins through Christ’s death and resurrection. (II Corinthians 5:18-21) Therefore, we will go into our communities as humble representatives of Jesus by the power of the Holy Spirit, loving others by sharing the hope we have in Him.