Strategic Planning


Letter to Blue Ridge from Pastor Jack:

May 2010

By clicking on this link, you have revealed something about yourself…that you desire to know what the “big picture” is for our church. I think that only makes sense. We all want to know the general direction of where we are going! Even as a child in the car, the two most commonly asked questions you probably asked were, “Where are we going?” as well as “Are we there yet?”

This part of the website is designed to help answer those questions for you!

A little over a year ago as I was reflecting on where we were as a church, I was both encouraged as well as distraught. I was incredibly encouraged because I saw God putting together an amazing group of people here at Blue Ridge. He was blessing us with mature people who had great ideas for ministry, and they were taking action to accomplish those ideas. The talent, strength, maturity, Bible knowledge, and love that I saw God establishing and creating in His people was astounding. At the same time though, I was distraught-because I did not see that I had led a concerted effort to call such amazing talent together towards a more coordinated effort. That led to a time of prayer and discussion with our elders towards asking how we might accomplish this. The end result was the plan towards a more strategic ministry.

During our preparations towards devising and implementing this strategy, the elders realized that while God has called us to lead this body, that did not mean that we had to do all of the work. In fact, we felt that God would have us find people who could help us in this coordinated planning and strategy with gifts, talents, and abilities as per Ephesians chapter 4. God’s plan for ministry is the best, and we found that establishing a team of all of the designated leaders of each of our ministries might enable us to really take our church to another level in terms of our service and strategy-and thus the Strategic Leadership Team (SLT) was born.

This team is working to establish a few things.

  1. We are studying the essentials of what Jesus Christ has called the Church universal to do, so that we can ensure and purpose that Blue Ridge might do those things.
  2. We are determining how God has specifically wired us as a body for ministry. This is looking at our strengths. After looking at those strengths, we want to build upon them.
  3. We want to look at our biggest weaknesses, in order that we might overcome them.
  4. We want to continually examine our strategy and plan in order that we might make the proper and necessary adjustments for our body, our culture, our effectiveness, and towards our theology.

What you will find as you browse through the various links on the left hand column of this page is how that strategy is unfolding. We are not merely establishing a plan and strategy, but we are doing our best to ensure that it is implemented. We are determined that it will not become a plan that is put in a neat, clear plastic professional binder and then placed in a filing cabinet!! It is out in the open, and we want you to know about it–but more importantly to participate in it!!

Please explore all the links to see where we are in the process, as well as to try and determine if there is a team that you want to help towards accomplishing our goals. I hope you take a few moments to pray about YOUR part in our efforts as we are:

Communicating Christ, Building Believers, and Sending Servants!

In Christ alone,
Pastor Jack